Apartment Decor Ideas on a Budget

As most of you know I own a business in Lafayette, Louisiana and do a lot of back and forth traveling. Staying in hotels takes a toll on me, mainly because I am down there for business not leisure. I finally decided to rent an apartment down there to make the trip easier especially when we take the kiddos with us. I knew I wanted to be in the River Ranch area and had specific criteria I wanted for it to feel like home. I had been looking for awhile and nothing was available that I liked, so when I got the call that this unit was available I jumped on it, without even touring it. I had to Furnish it and get the bare necessities based on pictures and dimensions that were sent to me and whatever else I could find online about the apartment. I needed to find items that could ship fast and that were budget friendly. I still have so many things and projects I am working on in our actual home in Charlotte. I couldn’t  justify spending a ton of money for furniture and decor that isn’t for my actually permanent home.

These aren’t the best pictures but at least they are raw and you can get a good idea of how everything looks. I still need to find everything for the master bedroom and some art work and wall decor for the rest of the apartment. I also would like to add some window treatments. I will post some of the unfinished areas down below at the end of this post. If any of you have suggestions I would love to hear them.




Living Room/Dinning Room

I had the hardest time in the living room. At one point I was beyond stressed out. I started shopping two months before moving in. The first sofa I ordered for some reason never shipped it was in the pending process forever and wasn’t going to arrive till the second to last day of our visit. I ended up picking another sofa and having it expedited. Then they company called a week later to tell me it was out of stock. When I got that news we were leaving for Lafayette in two days. I found a local place that had same day delivery and found the sofa we currently have. It wasn’t my first choice, but I actually really love it and its super comfortable. I did change out the pillows because the ones it came with were hideous. I feel like the pillows most sofas come with are just ugly. The arm chair and ottoman worked out perfectly. At first I wasn’t sure we would have the space because as you can see all of our walls are french doors, but it ended up looking so cute in that corner and now its everyones favorite place to  sit. My hubby calls it his chair 😉 and he’s a big 6’2″ guy. The coffee table is one of my favorite pieces. You seriously cannot beat it for the price. Its very well made and very heavy. The television stand is also another favorite. I adore it. I can’t link it because it was a HomeGoods find. I will check around for similar items. I looked everywhere for corner wall units and really couldn’t find anything I liked. This ended up being such a better choice.

I was so excited when I found this dining room table and chair set. It’s an all in one set and the price was right. It looked even better in person than it did online.


I wanted to keep the kitchen simple and clean. I am still looking for a good rug or two and some bar stools. I am absolutely obsessed with the color of the Keurig we bought. I am linking it below because it’s hard to find it in stock. The Keurig was definitely an essential for me lol.


I loved these rugs and so much I bought the same one for ALL for balconies, plus my balcony at home. Last I checked they were on sale so hurry if you like it. This little 3 piece bistro set is so adorable and ended up working out perfectly. Gavin and Gabby sit out there all the time. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the other three balconies. I also will post some pictures I found on Pinterest that I used for inspiration.

Kids Room

It’s crazy how excited my kids (Gavin and Gabriella) were to share a bedroom and get bunkbeds. Especially considering they have their own rooms and bathrooms in our home. I wasn’t sure of a good theme to go with for their room because I didn’t want it to be too girly or too boyish. They both love the beach so I went with a tropical theme. I figured this would make it feel more like a vacation for them when we’re there, even though it’s normally all work and no play for me 🙂


I still have a lot to do in the bathrooms as far as decor, but I knew I wanted a floor to ceiling shower curtain. The ceilings in the apartment are 9 feet high so it was a little tricky to track down a white 9 foot long shower liner and curtains. I also finished them off with these really cute magnetic ties. I love these grass waste baskets with the removable inner section. It makes it looks cleaner when you put your trash liner bag in.

Master Bedroom

We pretty much just have a mattress on the floor right now, but as I update the room I will add more to this post.

unfinished area:

Let’s decorate together. Send me ideas 🙂

Entry foyer and hallway. Link to mirror https://rstyle.me/n/c6jp44bbpsf


Master Bedroom


Mauve Glitter Eyes Full Tutorial | My New Year’s Eve Look + a Giveaway


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Happy New Year’s  Eve Everyone!!!

This is a chatty video so if you’re not into long tutorials this is not the video for you.

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Cranberry Lids and Lips

TG Collage


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Golden GLOW Highlight

Golden Glow

In this video I show you how I achieve my favorite intense golden glow highlight. This is a look I like to wear in the day time with minimal makeup.

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Warm Gold Halo Eyeshadow



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