Best White Cut Off Denim Shorts + My Favorite Summer Wedges

This is a casual post from Instagram that I wanted to share with you because of these cute cut-off white shorts. I have honestly been looking for a good pair of destroyed white cut offs for two years and haven’t been able to fine anything that I feel comfortable with. These fit my waist, they’re not too short and aren’t too tight on my thighs. I do not have thin thighs. These are a little pricy, well a lot pricy for cut-off shorts, but for me it was worth it just knowing the struggle it’s been to find a good pair. I am linking another pair that I just order for a much cheaper price. The reviews and fit were almost identical to these so I am very hopeful and of course I will keep you posted.

The top I’m wearing is old from express. I linked a few similar styles that I love. These wedges and earrings are my most worn items at the moment. My mirror is from Home Goods.


Bodysuit with Skinny Jeans + Strappy Black Heels

Even though the weather is warming up here, we still have chilly nights. I wore this out to dinner this past Friday. Some of the items are older but I did find similar pieces. These shoes are such a great price and I’ve been wearing constantly.