Hi! My name is Jenn “MrsJennMarie” on social media. My closes friends and family call me Jenny. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I was raised in South Florida and now live in Charlotte, NC with my husband and soulmate Shawn, who is the reason for so much of my happiness. We have two children together, Gavin and Gabriella. We blended our family and have five children combined. Needless to say life is crazy most days. I also own a Mental Healthcare business in Lafayette, LA.

I got my start in the blogging world on Youtube where I did makeup tutorials, fashion and product reviews. I was on Youtube before it was what it is today. I opened my Mental Healthcare business in 2016 and between being a business owner, mom and wife I ┬ádidn’t have the time to put into creating and editing video. So I turned to Instagram and my blog. Mental Healthcare is near and dear to my heart, but I deal with a lot have sad and heavy situations everyday. Creating social content and connecting with like minded women through beauty, fashion and lifestyle is my outlet. It a much needed space for me on many days when I need to decompress.